Sample 40 – Transition (Baguio ’12)

Nikon D80, 18-200mm @ 55mm, f/8, 25 second shutter (-0.3EV, Center-weighted metering), ISO 125Nikon D80, 18-200mm @ 36mm, f/8, 1/800 second shutter (-0.3EV, Center-weighted metering), ISO 100Transition - From the lights of the night to the light of day. As the night fades and as dawn looms, the glow of many lights gives way to... Continue Reading →

Full Throttle

I just got off the phone after a constructive conversation with my girlfriend. I've been pretty dedicated in working on our church's reference magazine these past few days. I'm determined to keep my blog(s) regularly updated. I'm fast tracking on all the podcasts that I've been missing. Right now I'm taking a small breather before... Continue Reading →

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