Sample 43 – Nangalisan Rice Fields (Benguet ’12)

I had other photos in mind to post but my nose had other ideas. I don’t know how this cold happened, but my preference to let my sweat naturally dry off after working out probably had something to do with it.

So here I present a picture I took with my iPhone (which I call the Colonel) when we had the opportunity to be part of a group from our church called to bless a resort quite a ways from the city and the main highway. That meant a long drive and an equally long walk.

Now that I remember the events related to this shot I also remember that was also feeling under the weather back then. My joining the ‘expedition’ to the resort and my posting this right now (despite current and improving circumstances) – I suppose they are testimonies to the message, ‘the show must go on’…

Thank God for the strength He gives us in times we absolutely need to go on – in walking great distances, in posting blogs and photos consistently, in staying on the path regardless of what hindrances come. Truly, His glory is needed even more when the enemy tries to take the upper hand. It is my sincere prayer that God would be glorified, and the love and salvation of Christ would be made known before, during, and after every situation.

God bless you!

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