Checkpoint 4.5 – Pahabol (or, ‘And it gets deeper!’)

There’s more that I want to accomplish with my blog besides showing where I’ve been. I keep telling myself this, and I pray with all sincerity that Jesus Christ is promoted more than anything else in my posts, from concept to shoot to process to post. Father, take all the glory! In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray, amen!

Mga kaibigan, hindi po ito pasikatan, inggitan, pagalingan, o pagandahan. There is a message that is communicated with every picture we take. Each and every one of us that has a camera of any sort, whether it be a camera on a cellphone or a Leica S2(!), it is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver the right message every time.

Technicalities may need to be observed. Creativity has a vital role. Providence could be all that matters at times.

But for those of us who follow Jesus Christ and just happen to have cameras, well… We need the Holy Spirit, more so in this craft. In a field so full of people with their own unique and wonderful perspectives, it’s near impossible to stand out – but because we have the Holy Spirit, God’s presence in our lives made possible through Jesus Christ, we have peace regardless of what our own established standards say.

Zechariah 4:5-7 says it is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God that a mountain can be reduced to a plain. I’ve often heard ‘wala sa pana (gear) pero nasa Indian (the photographer him/herself) yun.’ Well, I’m led to believe that it is not by our gear, not by our skill, but primarily by the Holy Spirit in our photography that makes every exposure stand out in a way that it gives God all the glory!

It might be a good idea to worship and draw near to God before a shoot, now that I think of it.

God bless you! If this doesn’t make any sense at all to you, ask Jesus Christ into your life! 🙂

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