Full Throttle

I just got off the phone after a constructive conversation with my girlfriend. I’ve been pretty dedicated in working on our church’s reference magazine these past few days. I’m determined to keep my blog(s) regularly updated. I’m fast tracking on all the podcasts that I’ve been missing. Right now I’m taking a small breather before I change into workout clothes and set up the laptop to play an exercise video.

My last cup of coffee was around 6 hours ago. I don’t think this is the coffee speaking. No, this is me taking control of my life. This is me breaking ground and establishing foundations. They may not mean much to the standards of any other person, but to me, I just have to say I’m psyched because my God is so faithful even if I am faithless, so faithful to the point that it draws me back into action. It is God’s faithfulness and not condemnation that propels me to be faithful – not to be saved, but because I am saved.

And that’s what we should believe. Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection was for us not only to be saved but to live life, and life abundantly – for the world to know the Father, and for His glory. His victory was the ultimate act of salvation, grace, mercy, and love.

So we act not to be saved, but BECAUSE we are saved. We are gracious not for His grace, but because He already gave us grace! We are merciful because He was merciful to us! We love because He loves us first.

I had my difficulties in believing this. For the longest time, I’ve been wearing masks: at least one was an ‘intellectual’ mask, and sadly, even if I’ve been called a pastor for more than a year now, being a Christian meant I had to wear a ‘mask’ during certain points as well.

Praise God for the Holy Spirit and the conviction we receive because of His faithfulness. Christianity is not just a mindset, not a religion, but it is a whole identity, a way of life. We are, indeed, to strive to be more like Christ with every day that we are blessed with. That’s what I believe now, and that’s why I’m ending this article – the sun is setting, and I need to work out.

To God be all the glory. God bless you.

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