Bitterness Binds, Forgiveness Frees.

He who covers transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates friends. – Proverbs 17:9

Dwelling on transgression, even in the smallest of thoughts, generates bitterness. Bitterness is such a crippling feeling – it can break one’s already established routine simply because he or she remembers being harmed. It can leave one with such a deep empty sort of pain that lingers even after the heaviest of vice-bingeing, only to be amplified accompanying a hangover. Some people believe that if held long enough, bitterness can very well manifest in the physical as sickness. All this comes simply because there exists the temptation to hold on to the pain while the people who hurt us may very well have been way ahead in their own lives.

When you love those who have harmed you, you have overcome them. It’s not a one-time deal. There is a reason why Jesus said we should forgive seventy times seven times – it’s because while we are in this life, the temptation to repeat transgression is always present, even in the hardest of lessons.

Forgiveness releases both the transgressor and the one who was transgressed. As Jesus Christ has released us from condemnation and any obligation to sin, so we are to forgive, praying for those who have wronged us. We do this for them to see for themselves how we forgive as Christ forgives us. It’s not about how we make them feel more than how we totally relinquish them of any obligation for our satisfaction.

By forgiving we demonstrate how we have been forgiven. We pass on the grace which has been handed to us by Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness is easier said than done, but better done than said.

2 thoughts on “Bitterness Binds, Forgiveness Frees.

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  1. i have been hurt as a mother repeatedly and have forgiven many times as the circumstances require.I love my firstborn so much,maybe because it's but a natural feeling that firstborns completed the real essence of being a woman to a mother for the first time-but i love her for more other reasons that.She is a gift from God-my precious one.While she was growing up,i showered her my love in a special and even in my simple ways.I have high hopes and prayed big dreams for her, a mom ,i wanted the best of everything life, and we ,her parents could give her,tho' obviously she never appreciated these things as manifested by her wrong choices she made in her life.As a teenager,she chose the company of people who she thinks would give her lasting happiness and satisfaction she is looking for,but this only lead her to a deeper pit where she was tucked and worse,wrong choices after the other engulfed her.Everytime she made the wrong choice and consequences arise,I was always there “to the rescue”…And when things were “smooth” again,she would go away from us ,her family,ready to do her own thing again.This went on for 17 yrs now.In and out of the house,twice admitted in drug rehab,6 months for each admission,3 kids born out of marriage-each with different father…the hurt seem endless for a mother to witness such “unacceptable” things…i have always forgiven her, and loved her that much,but i can only do so much for her.,she has to repent her ways and fully commit her life once again to Jesus-the one who paid for all of her sins,saved her from the pit of fire,washed her with His blood and made her “white as snow”-the one who has blessed her soooo much!…currently,She is again out there to “her world”, but none of those things she did to hurt us her family could stop me from praying for her believing in my heart ,that in God's divine appointed time,the plans of the Lord in her life will come to pass….Glory to His name!….

    I believe that when you are hurt by somebody that much,it's hard to pray for them,but in time,when you can now pray for them without the pain,Forgiveness has now been released.A sweet aroma that is more than enough to comfort you and give you peace….You can even release blessings to them….It's only by God's grace that we can truly FORGIVE.

    Isaiah 49:15 …”Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?”Though she may forget,I will not forget you!”


  2. To Anonymous:

    Thank you for taking the time to read and to leave a comment. I don't believe these sorts of encounters happen by accident. I am sad to hear about what's been going on between you and your daughter, but I am believing in our Lord to make all this happen for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. My mother and I have had our own rough spots, especially as since my father died I was the only one left to help her out. However, I do believe that one thing that contributed to our growth in Christ as individuals and as a family is her sheer persistence in praying for all of us. It's no surprise that she was the first one to accept Christ in our family, and the rest of us followed.

    I told this to a group of mothers last Monday, and I am led to tell you as well: Don't stop the love… The love we have comes from Jesus Christ, and we love as He loves us. It is not His will for your daughter to perish, but to come to know the Lord personally.

    Dear Lord, I thank You for this mother's life, and I thank You for the trial she is going through right now. We take faith in the fact that we know You know everything that is going on in every situation we have, and we just lift up the daughter of my sister-in-Christ to You right now, knowing that she is in the palm of Your hands, regardless of where she is. We will not be anxious, but we will receive the peace that goes beyond understanding because we know that it follows as we lift this up to You in prayer. Be glorified in our lives, Lord. In Jesus Christ's Name I pray, amen.


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