[youTube] Sting – Fragile

This happened to play on the drive home yesterday when I decided to tune in to 107.1. Thoughts of my sick relatives and those who have gone ahead of us came into my mind. I was brought back to earth. Indeed, let the rain fall and may we be reminded of how fragile we are.... Continue Reading →

Full/Fool (Of Myself)

040312I remember trying to watch an episode of Green Beret Mike Hawke (Jovic you're right it is pretty funny) and his reporter wife (Mrs. Hawke. Groan.) trying to survive after being dropped off in the middle of nowhere. It brings an interesting twist to the variety of survival shows that have sprung up. I remember... Continue Reading →


(or, 'The True Fight')The angry clanging of iron against iron resounded throughout the small, Nubian arena. This noise would have been distinctly heard from blocks away if not for the mindless cheering of the audience - a mob of spectators coming from all walks of life, screaming for blood and more blood.There were at least... Continue Reading →

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