Known By Name (032412)


For at least 3 Saturdays now I’ve been joining the church in gathering at 4 o’clock in the morning to pray for the country, our families, etc. I resort to commuting to where we meet simply because it’s pretty hard opening the gate to bring the car out when you have at least 5 dogs just dying to break free to have a brisk morning run. So when we finish our prayer meeting, everyone goes home, and I find myself wandering around for a couple of hours before joining the men’s fellowship we have at 8am. This particular morning I only had 40 bucks in my pocket, and I decided to spend it on coffee over at a nearby Jolibee.

While I was lined up to place my order, a member of the crew approached me, pen and pad in hand, asking for what I wanted. When I told her I just wanted coffee, she asked if this was an additional order. When I said no, she offered a deep-fried fruit pie – to which I would have said “YES! TWO! PLEASE!” under more… Abundant circumstances. I refused, and then she asked if it was “dine in” or “take out”. I said it was for here, and THEN she asked for my name.

Now that was part of the order process or protocol that I wasn’t really expecting. My name? What’s it to you? But if you want it, let me think. Joseph sounds too formal, and both Brent and JB have been systematically slaughtered by a good number of baristas, as I have seen cups scribbled with ‘JV’ and ‘Brad’.

Lady, I’m giving you a name I’ve never used before – you get a ‘Jojo’.

(take note that I had this time to think because I overheard her asking for the name of the woman in front of me)

So I was ‘Jojo’ for at least 3 minutes – I gave my order slip to the attendant behind the counter, and she gave me a ‘Good morning, Sir Jojo!’; I wanted to chuckle right then and there but it wasn’t proper. I braced for another ‘Jojo’ as they thanked me but to my relief they kept silent as I walked away with my joe.

Jojo with a cup of joe in Jo-libee.



The next time anyone asks me for my name without any actual intention to know me more than as a customer, I will say ‘Christian’.

I read somewhere that back in the old days, the people of England had the privilege of establishing family names based on their professions. That’s why we have Mr. Builder, Mr. Tanner, and Mr. Cook – Mr. “AHOO! AHOO! AHOO!” never really caught on.

Side note: I’ve been away from call centers for so long now that I just wonder, do we still have agents insisting that they have the team name “Spartans” to sound manly and cool?

Maybe it’s time for us to stop building our own names up; in this world where the darkness continually grows darker, those of us who follow Jesus Christ are to respond by shining even brighter. This basically means that we should pay close attention to how Jesus Christ operated in this world. By dying on the cross for our salvation, He served as an example for each and every one of us to follow. We do not just love those who love us, but we love all as Jesus Christ loved all.

To some people, you may very well be the only Bible that they read; you may be the only way they know about the love that Jesus Christ has for them. Think about that.

Tell you what. The next time anyone asks me for my name without any actual intention to know me more than as a customer, I’ll ask this person if he or she really wants to know my name. Then I’ll look for a name tag. Say it says “Howard”. I’ll say, “Howard, my name is Brent, and I want to say that Jesus loves you.”

9 minutes to 8. Thank You, Lord.

God bless you.

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