Fan Or Follow? – Reflections From The Subconscious

Dreamed I was in a barn-type area at sundown attending a service where Charles Stanley was speaking. I had a 600mm f2.8 lens I borrowed; it was a white lens built like an L lens, very compact in size compared to what it would have really been. I wanted to take a picture of him after he spoke but he left before I could chase him down.

As I was walking back, I overheard two young men with British accents speaking about religion, saying it isn’t about going to church. I remember hearing them before and I thought they were headed the right direction with their conversation, but the second time around I heard one of them say, “I don’t see how Jesus Christ matters in any of this.”

As I heard them this time I told them as I passed them by, “He matters in all of it , man. Come, let’s go to service (or something like that).” And as I was walking away one of them said sarcastically, “go ahead, go like a good Christian.”

I turned back to them, and they were joined by some more ’emo’ teens. As they began discussing they were more interested in speaking to each other about their own opinions instead of listening to what I had to say. Two points stuck out:

One was advised by his parents as a child, ”Pick a holiday and go from there”

Another one said, “it’s really about the money.”

I was humbled as I woke up. In one message I heard in the past the congregation was asked, “are you a fan or a follower?”

Relating this to my dream I believe a fan would have done what I did; taking opportunities for granted, passing them by – more interested in getting myself where I want to be, and just dropping the Name of Jesus Christ off only when we feel like it. A follower would have stopped right there to testify to the youths right then and there.

Thank God for revelations. To God be all glory and praise.

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