Prime Minister, Indeed.

David Cameron recognizes and recommends that Britain's identity is rooted in Christian values. Though the link below does not have much elaboration on what he actually had to say, it's the best one I could find - I wonder why.BBC News - UK is a Christian country - PMAfter further reading I learn that he... Continue Reading →

Part Of The Puzzle

As I was editing pictures this evening, I realized that I would have been able to capture the beauty of the place more if I made preparations for a post-production technique which I overused in the past, yet underrated in a place where it could have worked wonders. I recall that as I was shooting... Continue Reading →

On Truth and Doubt

A letter I recently sent my special someone, by God's grace:Just wanted to share something. I was doing my 1 hour with the Lord kanina and while I was praising there were these thoughts that bothered me, like "Jesus isn't real" and that stuff. It was strong and convincing, but at the same time I... Continue Reading →

[jbSlides] Psalm 91

[this is another slideshow of shots from Colorado 2008]I was blessed to have been brought around to two scenic locations close to Denver, in the beautiful state of Colorado one hectic weekend last August 2008. Armed with a Nikon D40 and its kit lens (18-55mm non VR) I was frenzied in taking as much of... Continue Reading →

The Pearl Necklace

**Here's a story that just struck deep into me. What are we keeping from God? What is standing between us and our complete fellowship and communion with Jesus Christ? Are we aware that idols are not limited to what we see in physical form?...what are we holding on to?** The Pearl NecklaceThe cheerful girl with... Continue Reading →

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