If there was another resolution I made this year, it’s to clean out my room of junk and, more importantly, stuff I can give away. I’m doing this believing the more we give, the more space we allow for greater blessings to come.

In the process of going through the baskets and boxes of stuff in my room, I have seen a whole bunch of writings I placed on the back of exam papers and xerox copies of notes, on actual notebooks, and on other similar mediums of recording thoughts. I believe I kept all this paraphernalia thinking that it all brought back good memories.

I’ve also resolved to blog at least once a day, just as I would be posting at least one photo on Flickr and Multiply each day for this year.

In the coming days I propose to hit two birds with one stone by blogging whatever I wrote down way back then, adding commentary when needed.

Yesterday was an example. I actually just blogged bits and pieces of what I jotted down while watching as the awesome and anointed Charles Stanley elaborated on the folly related to preference, against the absolute peace which accompanies principle.

I am fully aware of the fact that it’s looking like I’m posting for the heck of it for the moment, but do bear with me. I promise to churn out meatier articles as the year continues to show its blessings and trials. I believe this year is definitely significant for my life, compared to the 26 years that came before it.

What’s coming up? Who will I meet? Where will I be? I may not know the answer but let us always remember that if we come to God through Jesus Christ, we can be confident in the fact that He is sovereign and in total control.

Continue to have a happy New Year! God bless you!

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