The Decision to follow Principle

I have roughly 10 minutes to come up with a post before the clock hits 12 this evening because I have resolved not only to post a photo per day, but also a blog per day. If you’ve noticed I have tried doing a dry run last month and I have finished December with a lot to desire.

I’m getting to it, I promise you that. Who you are, I’m not so sure, but I am thankful to the Lord that you are reading. God bless you.

What they said over at church a while back is that we should base our New Year’s Resolutions on the Word of God. That, I believe, goes without saying. However, as I was coming up with my own resolutions as the sermon was being delivered, I came up with a whole list of things that would just come out as accomplished only up until the end of this month.

As I watched Charles Stanley a while back, he made an excellent point by saying that we should live by principle and not by preference. In other words, we live and make decisions based on a set of guidelines established and made firm by the Word of God, instead of living impulsively, living for what feels good or what feels better. I think this is a good summarization (is there even a word, ‘summarization’?) of what I wanted to write a while back. God bless that man.

Establish principle. Simple, for 2011.

God bless you.

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