Drive To One

It’s the final week of November. To think that this time last year I was contemplating on how life would be like here in Manila just makes me thank the Lord even more. See, I had no idea about a whole lot of things before I made the choice of going down here. My friend Gayle was right in so many ways when she mentioned that what I needed was a change of environment.

I’ve learned, seen, smiled and cried over a great deal of things here, and I won’t trade it for anything else. You can take out all the experience, and in all that emptiness, it still feels like decision truly worth making because of who was waiting for me down here – Pao. Thank God for her. I believe my relationship with the Lord is being brought into greater heights and challenges because of my relationship with her. To God be all the glory.

About the account we helped out in starting, well, it’s still starting. I’d like to take this time to thank the Lord for keeping our heads straight and our bodies strong through ordeal after ordeal. Despite all the circumstances our particular branch is experiencing, God’s favor is still there, keeping us intact, keeping us favored… To God be all the glory.

I’ve gained some weight here. Perhaps it’s about time I work harder for a bigger paycheck for a healthier lifestyle for the greater glory of God.

More on this next time… For now, have a blessed week. God bless us all.

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