The Potion

Flames lept out of the sphere that was set before the man in a bronze helmet adorned with eagle’s feathers. It was some strange fluid, which shimmered and did not actually seem to react as much when the cork was pulled out of the hollowed-out gourd, cleverly crafted to serve as a crude canteen. The man’s expression jumped from being blank and emotionless to elation as the hue of the liquid turned to a favorable color he seemed to anticipate.

The man took his headgear off and proceeded to clasp the vessel between his hands with great excitement. He trembled as he gripped it, but not enough to spill any of the liquid. He did not lift the gourd too far above the tabletop, however he moved his head closer to it, attempting to take a sip.

As his lips touched the drink, the liquid’s heat made no delays in virtually bursting through his body. This heat simply grew stronger and stronger from the core of the man’s body as sips turned to gulps. It caused him to twitch and spin in strength uncontained! His body was literally levitating as his feet flapped; reflex dictated that he pound on his chest vigorously in renewed spirits and confidence!

When all the flurry ceased, the man picked himself out of the ground. He brushed the dust out of his outfit, and put his helmet on once again..

Asterix the Gaul is ready for battle.

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