Weighed Down

I got less than 24 hours left to spend here in San Diego before we head out to LAX, to get back to the Philippines. It’s been a crazy, crazy time here and I couldn’t help but ask for seconds.

I must say that it runs in the family for us to have the mentality of making the most out of the time that we have. That’s especially true when we are blessed with time off to travel to the States. What seems to be my problem is that I have all sorts of ideas of what to do here before I get here, and when I finally get here, that… ‘playlist’ is wiped out, like an accidental reboot happens.

Thankfully, when it comes to food, it’s a no-brainer as to what to… ‘accomplish’ here in the States. My mother has always been so astonished about how the USA is blessed as a land ‘overflowing with milk and honey’. I feel what she feels, considering the key dishes I’ve had while I was here during this stint:

Sonic’s Jalapeno Cheeseburger.
In and Out’s Double Double and Fries, Animal Style.
Carl’s Jr.’s Double Guacamole Bacon Burger.
Carl’s Jr.’s Super Star with Cheese.
Coldstone’s Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.
Subway’s Tuscan Chicken Melt.
Outback’s Filet Tenderloin & Stuffed Shrimp.
Crab Hut’s King Crab Legs, Full House Flavor.
Chick Fil-A’s Chick-N-Strips and Nuggets.
Almond Poppy Bread and Strawberry Cream Cheese Loaf bought from Henry’s.
Pizza, Sausage, and Kirkland Choco Chunk Cookies from CostCo.
Grilled chicken from KFC.
Peaches, Nectarines, and Apples from the Grocery.
Raspberry Iced Tea from all over the place.

God is so good to have blessed this country with such resources to feed its people with such delicious treats. I thank Him for having the chance to have a taste of them too. If you ever find your way around here, you might want to hunt these joints down for the food they have to offer, those dishes in particular. Least in my opinion.

I’m sorry, I just felt like doing these food items justice by mentioning them in a blog. I’m currently feeling the consequences… 10 pounds worth of consequences.

God bless you!

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