So let’s go ahead and try something new today I am on my way I’m in the car right now and I’m on my way over to meet a couple of friends of mine and the thing about it is I don’t have enough time to us really sit down and write my 1000 words of for today so I’m gonna try to just speaking kind of cheating here because I know I really should be writing this but hey if if this gets me to my 1000 words then it’s worth a shot you know so I’m driving on the way on my way to meet two friends of mine their names are on Albert and I don’t know how dictation is going to understand this but the name of OK the phone went off for a bit there and I guess dictation stops whenever the phone goes off so just something for me to remember I’m not even sure how many words I’ve gotten two of until this point and probably it’s probably gonna look really funny when when when I finally go ahead and look through it and I might just go ahead and post it as it is and let you guys go ahead and figure out what I was trying to say but if well let’s see if dictation gets this right God loves you and God loves you with the only love there is which is a perfect an everlasting love and how do I know that God loves you it’s because he sent his son Jesus Christ to give his life for each and everyone of us so that he would take our debt that we would like

Okay so that last wall of text was, as you probably guessed, my attempt at reaching 1000 words today by way of me talking to the phone while I was driving. Yes, it’s pretty dangerous, and judging from the quality of the output, it ended up pretty counterproductive.

Well, this is me trying to hit the same goal today, before today ends; I have roughly 10 minutes to go before midnight, and I guess what I do want to say is that it’s not enough for us to merely visualize what we want, but to declare it as well. It’s good for us to hear us say what we want, just so we would understand the essentials behind all the thoughts in our mind.

Talking works the same way writing does in that sense. A wise man used to say we write to clarify, yet I also see how speaking does the same thing.

And seeing as I just came from filming a whole weeks worth of devotion videos, and what we were talking about was more on having a vision, folks, I could just say that it does refresh your own mind when you talk about it. It isn’t just a matter of blurting out what you think and feel, more than it is, as I keep on saying, flow – traffic jams don’t make much sense until the cars start moving.

Water stagnates when still, yet spreads life when it moves. We ought to keep moving. We ought to keep talking and writing, and in so doing, we clarify, just so we have a greater grasp of our being, based beyond the beliefs we subscribe to, and elaborated upon by what we call our foundation.

Between the 2 beers I just had and the fact that I now have the munchies and am waiting to finish up on this so I could have a literal midnight snack, I suppose I am making a bit of sense here – at the very least I am clarifying what’s on my mind, or what’s left to express, anyway.

I’m not afraid of not being able to produce anything of value right now, only that I am excited to see how this all plays out when I am more level in my thinking, and less pressured and poisoned.

So talk, if you need to talk. Write your thoughts down. Let it all flow out – it’s as if you’re praying, only to make sure that whatever memories weigh you down are downloaded to a proper receptacle – whether it be a listening ear, a blog, a literal notebook, of the good Creator of the universe himself – to flow will never be a waste of time.

Don’t stop at just writing. Talk and dictate what you must. Involve the rest of your body in the flow, and you’ll be surprised what comes to the surface.

I doubt I hit a thousand words, but it’s midnight now, and some leftover beef stew sounds good right about now. I’m feeling just a little guilty considering I should be eating nice and clean between now and my birthday, but what’s good about all this – my blunder of catching up with my writing and my eating at this ungodly hour – is the promise that I can always do better tomorrow, considering that though I may have stumbled today, I still gave everything I could whenever I could.

Flow. Dictate. Write. Clarify. Define.

Respect the Foundation you claim to have by not holding back in overflowing. Allow more thought for your Foundation, and in so doing, build more belief and belief upon belief. Watch how your being manifests as you continue to flow. Understand what to prioritize and what to shelve, and what to abandon.

It’s important especially in these moments where anyone and everyone, through physical interaction or the internet – virtually everyone fights for our focus. We need to take charge by way of flowing.

We need to take charge by way of flowing. If you don’t know where to start, well, begin by talking about your Foundation. What or who loves you more than anything? What do you believe wants you more than anything else? Elaborate on your answer, and be as specific and detailed as possible.

Before you know it, you’re flowing… and you’re taking charge. Don’t underestimate the value of your Foundation – pretty soon, you’ll find yourself flowing, and flowing, and glowing.

I sincerely hope I made sense here. If anything, again, I did some clarifying.

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