Day 3.

It’s on. I mean, first, it was my uncle passing away, and he had covid so they had to cremate him. My cousin who was faithfully helping him and my auntie out contracted covid as well, and surprise – earlier this evening, a nephew who was in the medical field, who was also taking care of everyone, tested positive too.

All this while he was in the same room with us. We had our masks on, sure, but I suppose we had some sort of exposure. This doesn’t bode well, considering that we also just heard that other people in church were getting it as well.

I don’t know, but I’m still under the impression that this shouldn’t keep us from pushing ourselves to be in full health – meaning hard work in terms of nutrition and exercise. Get the body moving, and fuel it with the right stuff, and I’m pretty sure we’d be healthy to levels unattainable by a couple of shots of substance I don’t know about.

We all ought to take the vaccine of a good choice in food, and proper rest and exercise. THAT’s what I think should be on the news, on social media, more than us trying to pronounce weird vaccine names out of nowhere.

There, I said it.

Considering also what I wrote about for Day 2, I believe that Christ ought to be the fulcrum for each and every one of us who decides on taking the vaccine or not. I’m not saying the vaccine is right or wrong. I don’t believe it’ll work on everybody. I personally don’t appreciate being pushed to taking a shot I don’t trust. I don’t appreciate the fact that they won’t allow anyone to travel without a vaccine.

But that’s just me. I have the luxury, as every Christian does, to complain about these trivial (trivial in my mind, at least) matters to the great Creator of all things seen and unseen. You heard that right – we can complain to God. And incidentally we can do so, for reasons that we are all remembering this week; That Christ paid such a great price, draining the cup of wrath down to its dregs, for us to have the privilege of speaking freely to God.

Through experience I have come to believe that we wouldn’t be making the best decisions, nor would we be saying the best words, if we have all sorts of pent-up emotions and concerns hounding our focus and concentration. For this reason I have come to believe that anyone and everyone who has placed trust and consideration to Christ as the Author and Finisher of our faith – anyone in the body of Christ can pour everything out to Him, and (1) He knows everything we have to say down to what we aren’t saying and can read between the lines, and (2) we can have faith in the Truth that our God responds with His best…

.,.in fact, I believe there are times and tragedies in our life that would probably point us more to God’s timeless response in Christ and His finished work, more than having us speculate on what God could do as a response to what happens to us, or what we make happen.

It’s like the cross is the answer to questions we would ask 2000 years later, just as the Holy Spirit is the mark and sign we have of our salvation in Christ, distributed upon each and every one of us before the idea of a vaccine was ever made.

Christ is a solution and an answer given to us way ahead of our time, for all time, until the end of time, unto forever.

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