Andrew Farley – Session 1 of Convention 220: Freed from Guilt

We have an enemy that accuses us day and night, and we suffer from these accusations if we don’t know any better.
12 Accusations and the Truth that sets you free:
12. You are going to pay at the judgment. 
– Quite the confusing statement, this sparks fear of meeting God face-to-face; We are told that there’s a second, more extreme judgment that we are ALL going to face… But the truth is pretty black and white on this one. We’re scared of this and we’re falling for this because it opens up a grey area.
In the final chapters of Revelation, chapter 20 shows people being judged according to their deeds, and they are thrown into the lake of fire if your name is not in the Book of Life. But if you are in Christ, your name IS in the Book of Life, and you ought to be reading chapter 21 instead! We are either goats or sheep – there are no shoats, there are no geep!
There is only one judgment, and the only deciding factor of where you go is Christ. Are you in Christ? Then that’s all you need!
11. You have missed God’s will for your life. 
God’s will for your life is for none to perish but for all to have eternal life. God’s will is for all to be saved. God’s will is not based on your choices. God’s will has a name, and His Name is Jesus Christ, and as Jesus Christ is alive in you, so God’s will is alive in you! God’s will is for us to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and to give thanks in everything.. literally, ‘Wow! Thank You! Thank You, Jesus!’
Jesus Christ is behind every door because Christ lives in you. Be wise! God’s will is Jesus!
10. God brought this pain and circumstance on you to break you.
The truth is God wants to break our confidence in the flesh. The epistles say that we are actually being built up in Christ. We have been made a new creation that doesn’t need to be broken.
There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s everything wrong with the world, but because of Christ’s finished work, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. God loves you deeply, through and through. He wants to break our confidence in the faith, but He does not break the new creation. Those are 2 different things.
9. You are too selfish and you need to be broken. 
The flesh is selfish, but you are not of the flesh. You are of your self, and because of Christ, you are the new self. You are not fighting an inner ‘civil war’ with supposed more than one ‘self’ – This isn’t true, at all! The enemy is the flesh, the enemy is not the new self, because God and I are on the same team!
You don’t have an old self that is sinful and dirty – you are the new self, the new creation! Self is not the enemy, sin and flesh are.
8. Your heart is not right before God. 
Ever think this while praying? It may be true that our thinking isn’t right before God, but don’t associate your thinking with the new heart that Christ has given you. Romans 6 says we have become obedient from the heart.
You are not an obstacle. You are instrument of God. You can offer yourself to sin, find out it was miserable, or offer yourself to God and find how it was all so fulfilling.
6. The enemy has a strong grip on your life. 
1 John 5 says, the evil cannot touch you. Enough said.
5. You are not keeping the your end of the bargain with obedience.
We talk about grace, but some bring in that you need to pay God back.. but Paul talks about the obedience of faith. Jesus also said the work of the Father is for us to believe.
The Gospel is not about God and you in some bargain; it’s between God and God.. and we are the beneficiaries!
4. Your sins are the exception. Your sins are willful, repeated and big!
Well, every sin is willful. A lot of sins are definitely repeated. We all stumble in so many ways. Don’t make a big deal of your sins. Your sins are small, Jesus is big. Your sins are not just under the blood, but totally cleansed.
It’s not ‘you’re forgiven of all your sins, until you sin!’ No, Christ CLEANSED ALL your sin!
3. You don’t really have a salvation story. 
I don’t remember when I was born, but it certainly happened! There is no need for us to go ahead and put so much stress on our story, more than we should just reap and revel in God’s story!
2. The Bible teaches ‘I can do all things through Christ,’ but where’s your victory and success?
Christ’s finished work does not guarantee success and health and wealth according to our standards – but it does guarantee Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, is alive in me in ALL things. The real Gospel says you need Jesus in everything, and Jesus is alive in you for everything!
1. You don’t feel anything. 
God asked Adam and Eve, ‘Who told you that you were naked?’
What was Jesus feeling on the cross? What was He feeling when confronted by the Pharisees and those lacking faith? We tend to relate victory to our feelings, but the New Covenant guarantees that as you are a new creation, you can be you, without having to long for a certain feeling just to know that Christ is alive in you! You can be you, and you don’t need to fear because Christ is alive in you, and you are alive in Christ!
With each accusation, the TRUTH sets you free!

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