Notes from Questions About Freedom (Part 4) by Andrew Farley

(Starting at ~25:35)
‘What is the best way to teach a grace message to your team while at the same time they need law/guidelines (HELP!)’
Your teams don’t need ‘The Law’, or the Old Testament Law; they need to know the Gospel. The Law was not even given to the Gentiles, but we need to know the message of the Gospel.
We DO need the guidelines. Paul tell the Romans to pay taxes, and to be at peace with all men, and to respect your authorities. What we see here is that there is no clash/contrast between grace and functioning in society! The heart of Christ is that we obey those in authority, to obey the rules that have been put in place for our protection.
It’s not for us to become legalistic about these rules; there are still earthly circumstances and consequences for our actions in this world. It’s one thing for us to suffer for believing in Christ, but if we’re suffering because of something we did, we have to understand that there is no partiality here, and the consequences that apply to unbelievers certainly apply to us as well. These things happen without partiality. The earth functions in another way.
Listening to our parents and authorities is not legalism. Don’t be afraid to have boundaries, and to have laws of the land, and rules in place. We don’t want to be unwise in the raising of our children, our peers, and/or our teams. As all people, we are all getting more and more acquainted in the Gospel with every day, but we ought to look out for each other by establishing guidelines.
My take on this: Part of our respecting of authorities is birthed out of the understanding that we are all, indeed, getting acquainted with the Gospel of Christ, and the person and identity of Christ with each and every day. There are consequences for even the smallest slip-ups we have, and we have to understand that our roles as leaders is to impose (1) guidelines and rules to keep our brethren from falling into these consequences, and (2) a gracious response in the name of training and not punishing those who have fallen.
Andrew Farley concludes: ‘Don’t be focused on Old Testament law when we do want to be proclaiming the excellencies of God’s Grace to our teams right from the get-go and showing them this dependent life on Christ.’
Is your teaching basically boiling down to, ‘Let go, let God’?
Yes, and no.
For some, when they think, ‘Let go, let God’, they’re thinking ‘Jesus, I can’t but you can, but I’m going to let you.’; and that’s the attitude. Just as we received Him (‘I can’t, but you can, and I’m going to let you’), so we walk in Him, emphasizing ‘I can’t, but you can, and I’m going to let you’…
On the other hand, we ought to watch out for when ‘Let go, let God’becomes, ‘All of You, and none of me’; Again, we aren’t fire hoses here; we aren’t supposed to become little Jesuses here. We must remember that WE became the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ so we could be involved and we could participate, and we could be united with Christ, so we could be ourselves…
… we could understand that Christ is alive in us, but we should always remember that because of this, we could be ourselves. God is crazy in love with us, and that He really likes us. He knows everything about us that makes us who we are, and He doesn’t want to change any of that – He did all that He did because He loves us.
Do you believe that you are an OBSTACLE to God, or an INSTRUMENT of God? Do you believe that you are dirty and ugly, or that because of Christ, you have been made compatible and acceptable and beloved by God?
Is it ‘Let go, let God?’ – Yes and no. He is the Power. He is God, and we are not. But at the same time, we are made His children, holy and dearly loved; He could have done it all without us, but He chose to create us, He chose to rescue us, and He chose to include us.
Learn who you are in Christ, and then be yourself, and then repeat.


(Ends 33:01)


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