Scenes, Lessons And Carols 2014

Manong Kurt told me to help out in this year's Lessons and Carols by taking pictures of the event. It's during times like these when I miss focal lengths greater than 55mm. Nevertheless, the X-E2 did not disappoint. I'm thankful to the Lord for this camera and the opportunity to shoot this event. It definitely is... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side

'Look Into My Father's Eyes'...So tomorrow, I'm being asked to handle a good group of young students aged approximately between 12-25 years old. I have them for 2 sessions, each lasting 3 hours, where I will discuss Basic Photography with them. By God's grace I have competencies and skills developed over years of practicing photography, but... Continue Reading →


Oh, praise the Lord, for His great love! Praise the Lord, for His great love is known in our hearts and seen with our eyes. Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall definitely fear no evil. For our Lord, our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ is with us, and He... Continue Reading →

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