Christ, Uber-Techie.

Christ is powerful and connected wirelessly. 
Our God is God at present. Christ is King, and Christ has been victorious, will be victorious, and is victorious at present. 
Through the direction and power of the Holy Spirit signs and wonders have been seen in all seasons, through all sorts of means. 
In this day and age, even with the increase of knowledge and the advancement of technology, remember that our Savior is as tech-savvy as the geekiest geek, and then some. 
I’m saying that our Heavenly Father uses cellphones, DSLRs and gadgets. I’m saying that our Heavenly Father moves in Facebook and Twitter. I’m saying that His Word continues to shine – as it shone and brought countless men and women to salvation through scrolls, then through printing presses, then through risographs, it shines as much, if not brighter through Blogs and Email. 
I’m just saying this because I am just taken aback at how I’ve been struck with article after article just a few minutes ago, articles that don’t just pique my interest, but hit right to the core as to what passions and skills the Lord has given me that make me me, yet still in His glorious image, for His glory and fame. 
I just read something discussing Youth Ministry myths – rather, the need to shift from ‘Youth Ministry’ to sheer discipleship. 
Earlier today I read an article by Chase Jarvis regarding his methods of constantly staying on his toes when it comes to creativity. Now I just took a quick glimpse over a Landscape photography article I’m about to read, and it mentions how the writer ‘treats every shot like an assignment’ – words of wisdom that hit right to me in the sense that I’m in the right track when it comes to staking out locations and taking notes on things that would look great shot by my iPhone 4, or my X-E2.
Before I got into any of those 2 articles, one article that got me going was from Hillsong – the writer took on the myth that excellence comprised on standards defining perfection, and linked excellence to evolution, in the sense that it’s a moving target – we are encouraged not to reach a specific level, but to consistently improve, and improve towards Christ!
I am encouraged now more than ever to get out of my comfort zone, knowing that in Christ I’m in for the best days of my life, in my relationships, my ministry, my passions… “it’s all for Jesus! He deserves our best, and our best today is different than our best from yesterday – our best for tomorrow will be better still.” –Matt Hann, ‘What Is Excellence?’

God bless and keep you.

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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