Sample 147 – The Range Calls

“Live first, and tell the tale when you’ve got nothing better to do. 

There is never a dull moment.”
– Sample 146, ‘Still Flourishing’
Right about this time, my brother probably stopped for us to take pictures around 20 times already, but this was one of those times when we actually got out of the car. 
When I think back at these times, I could just imagine how much of a prick I was to my parents. They were just being excited about the whole trip, and seeing as I had the DSLR, they would call me instead of my brother to take a shot of them. I would take their picture, but not before making a ‘I’m not a tourist, I’m an artist’ kind of smug face. 
Yes, these shots were taken during a time when, I admit, I made an ass of myself by treating my camera and my ‘photography’ as a status symbol. Now that I’m actually going through all these shots and now that I’m actually posting them, and now that I’m actually taking time to write about them, I feel so much better. I feel free from any presumptuous obligations and preferences I place upon myself with the ultimate purpose of presenting these pictures for the greater glory of God me. 
I suppose this has to continue to be taken offa my chest. There was a time that I would deliberately procrastinate in posting, and I would deliberately hold back from spending time to post simply until when I felt it was the perfect time. Sadly, that ‘perfect time’ never came, and I ended up swinging at random, choosing ‘perfect’ shots, making them more ‘perfect’ through manipulation with my ‘perfect’ standards in Photoshop. 
I’ve learned now that an imperfect shot posted is far better than a ‘perfect’ shot that stays on my local hard drive. Photographs are infinitely better shared.
You’ll probably hear me talk about this more as I post more. It’s just that I need to teach and remind myself of the value of humility and taking action more and more every day. Just like I need to keep reminding myself that I am driven and established not by the fear of failure and rejection but by God’s perfect love for me. 
These shots have stayed stagnant long enough, I say. 
Enjoy these panoramas… at the time I really took them seriously. Nowadays taking them with the X-E2 is a cakewalk. 
There is never a dull moment. 


One Last Shot Of The ‘Bristlecone’ Pine
My blessed brother and my wonderful parents. 
My wonderful mother. Yes, it was pretty windy out at this time. 

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