Observing Daniel’s Yoke, Part 2

“…the more opportunities people have to interact and to convey information to one another, the more wealth is created for every participant.”Rabbi Daniel Lapin, ‘Thou Shall Prosper’
In the pursuit of prospering as plotted out in the book, it is vital first to understand that business is a blessing we are blessed with to bless other people. I understand that as we bless other people, relationships are formed, and it is these relationships that have a significant role in our welfare. 
“Learn to find joy and fulfillment in service to others, and you have removed one major obstacle on your road to success.”
We are in business, and business is good. Rabbi Daniel continues the book by disclosing the second commandment, which states that we should establish many good relationships. It is important for us to treat clients and customers more than just statistics and people who will help you out – rather, with each person we transact with, we would do good to know what they want, and show how we are able to help them. Rabbi Daniel points out that even employees can be called businessmen – their business is what they do and their boss is one of their customers. Humility is a key character trait to develop here. 
“Find a little private quiet time each day to bow your head in recognition of all those who knowingly or unwittingly contributed to what you are and to what you have today. By performing this little exercise regularly, not only are you facing the truth, but you are also nudging yourself closer to possessing a more modest demeanor.”
At this time I would like to add in a few thoughts I have regarding another article I just read, as I think it has its ties to what we’re talking about here. It was a small, 4 page piece by R. C. Sproul entitled, “The Pelagian Captivity of the Evangelical Church”. We were sinners dead in our sin, and we were brought back to life in Christ… And it is because of Him that we chose Christ. It is God alone who deserves the glory for our salvation and the beginning of our faith. 
God’s goodness produces repentance. Godly sorrow also produces repentance. Wherever we are in the spectrum, repentance is produced – we do not generate the repentance, it is The Lord who produces it. The humility that brings us to accept this truth also comes by His grace. 
It is in God’s will for all to be saved. I would like to say that God, as a loving Father, has a part prepared for all of us in His will, His business. He gave it all – in the form of His only begotten and beloved Son, Jesus Christ; while we were yet sinners, He chose to give His life. What a beautiful exchange! He died for us to live! 
I do not wish to add to His words, as they are sufficient and will never pass away. It is just my aim to point out that His business is absolutely good, and that He is the one who did everything for us to have a relationship with Him. This is the best example for us to follow when we wish to establish relationships ourselves. We give all to the person, for the person. 
Business is good. Good business is grounded in relationships. Christ gave us the perfect demonstration of how to establish a relationship.
Soli Deo Gloria. God bless and keep you.
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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you and give you His Shalom. – Numbers 6:24-26

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