Repeat Rebuke Ensuring Resolution – 2012 to 2013

(I shifted from ‘2012 In Review’ to ‘2012 – 2013’)

I haven’t even started the new year and I’m already feeling on-edge, short tempered even if I said I have a New Year’s resolution for me to get a grip. But thank God because, if I am to experience what change is to be expected from whatever resolutions are made, I really cannot depend on myself.

I do believe in Jesus Christ, and the gospel is NOT foolishness to me, it is the power of God!

So Lord, have Your way in me, in ALL of me!

Other resolutions come to mind at this moment:

I resolve to sleep early and wake up early.
I resolve to spend less time in front of my laptop (unless I’m working).
I resolve to eat every meal on the table instead of in my room.
Speaking of ‘working’ as mentioned in the second resolution, I resolve to make every second count, by working and investing more on assets that work without me being hands-on all the time.
I resolve to promote, and not to demote.
I resolve to be thankful in all things, as I really should be.
I resolve to be organized in my time.

Really, I resolve to do what I say, and to apply what I declare more.

It’s funny how I suddenly see a need for me to step up in my game by making all sorts of resolutions, going against the flow – I know some people hold off on making resolutions because they know they’d break them.

What an irresponsible and deceiving point of view, I thought. It may sound like a humble perspective but really, there are times for us to take action, to work – and the time for me to do so is now.

I resolve to be consistent in this mindset, to hear and obey God, and to leave all the consequences to Him.

Cue song: “And The Beat Goes On”

(To be continued… I think)

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