in pacem ambuleam (No Kung Fu Involved: A Follow Up)

“Note to myself: Be at peace.”
Be at peace with the past, and in the present. 
I’m pretty stubborn. But I thank God for His grace and His mercy because I would have been struck dead long ago without it. I’m pretty stubborn in the sense that I keep yielding to the temptation of losing my temper when I don’t get what I want and when I don’t hear people agreeing with me. Yes, this is immaturity in its pinnacle. 
But once again, I just give God the glory for graciously pointing these sorts of things out by the power of His Spirit here with me. 
Note to myself: Be at peace.
Be at peace with the past, and in the present. 
Entitlement is the enemy of peace. Contentment is key. And what else do we need before Jesus Christ? Without Him we cannot present ourselves before God. The more we stay away from His presence, the closer we are to death. In Him, however, we have peace, and we have fullness of joy. 
Just a follow up. 
Be at peace in the present. 

“So I walk upon salvation
 Your Spirit alive in me
 This life to declare Your promise
 My soul now, to stand…

 What can I say?
 What can I do? 
 But offer this heart, oh God
 Completely to You…”
Shared in יהוה bless you!

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