In The Name Of The Son

There was this one movie I always wanted to watch – The Rookie. I saw a preview for it on one of the DVD’s that my brother Pep brought home so many years ago and the idea of acquiring it one way or the other was always just bobbing up and down in my mind, waiting for me to act on it. 
Well today I watched it, and man. Man. Though I must admit my eyes weren’t on it (blame that on the Toy Defense game I downloaded on my phone) it was the one time in the end when the main character (portrayed by the awesome Dennis Quaid) spoke to his father (portrayed by the awesome-er Brian Cox). Now I’m not about to spoil the ending of this movie to whoever reads this, but I just have to say that I had to put my phone down to listen to – and eventually cry about – the conversation. 
I suppose I have a soft spot for sons being reconciled with their fathers. That hit me in so many personal notes. Memories of my father, slowly wasting away, stopping me as I was opening up to him, saying as hard as he could even in his condition, “I love you”… that just hit me. 
Earlier this morning I was speaking to Pao and asking her to pray for me because I felt pretty pressured, particularly today. The weather was horrible and there wasn’t any electricity in the house, so I was left to reading, resting, eating, and… thinking. 
 I was thinking about many things. About God’s grace. About the condition of the house. About things that still needed to be done. About how my father used to breeze through the stuff I was worrying about that still needed to be done. About if I would be able to keep up with my father’s pace if he was still around.
Now that there is electricity (and thank God that the weather seems to be better), and now that I finally watched ‘The Rookie’ I was able to relate with the main character and his portrayed relationship with his father, especially in one thing – though it wasn’t always smooth sailing, it was those moments of reconciliation that made it all worth living through. 
I thank God for those times. They were few, but I suppose they were enough… 
Dad, I miss you. But I know we’ll see each other again.
Thank God for His grace that made it possible. Indeed, it is only by Jesus Christ, who made it possible for us to reconcile with the Father, that we have any hope for anything else in this world. 
Shared in יהוה bless you!

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