Checkpoint 1

Gotu Kola, up closeSo I've posted 10 galleries so far. Here's what I learned so far:1. For someone who claims to have an interest in taking landscapes, I seem to like including the sky in most of my pictures. Perhaps that should change, moving forward.2. Too.. much... HDR! Trey Ratcliff is awesome, but perhaps I... Continue Reading →

The Fool, The Lazy Man, and The Liar

Some notes from Proverbs 26:Do not be as a fool, who requires harsh discipline and extra effort to speak with sensibly; He is stubborn and unreliable. (see 26:3-11)Do not be as a lazy man, who is wise in his own eyes - a fool is better off than him! He is unproductive, and impractical. (see... Continue Reading →

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