Part Of The Puzzle

As I was editing pictures this evening, I realized that I would have been able to capture the beauty of the place more if I made preparations for a post-production technique which I overused in the past, yet underrated in a place where it could have worked wonders. I recall that as I was shooting at the time the main thought in my head was, “Though you are less trigger-happy with your camera in an undoubtedly awesome place, you will still be taking a lot of pictures nonetheless. Try to take shots that you will spend less time post-processing.

That looked like two ideas which were good in their own right, yet technically conflicting. One thing I definitely learned from all this is never to be too proud to consider what worked in the past in an attempt to make new things.

HDR photographers will tell you, “It’s all about what you put in the picture“. High Dynamic Range photographs make so many details that would normally be hidden by shadows and highlights pop out wonderfully, and more indeed is more when taking these shots. However I’ve also taken into consideration what I read in at least one general landscape photography tutorial – basically the opposite point – “It’s all about what you don’t put in the picture” – compose ideally considering a subject, a foreground, and a background, keeping out any other elements that would distract the viewer.

I suppose my point in all this is that we are capable of doing so much nowadays, but it still takes wisdom for us to choose the method(s) that best communicate the message we intend to make known.

God bless you. I feel this is the start of a longer message.

Shared in יהוה bless you!

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