All for Him

Work on everything as if it all was an act of worship. We enter His gates with thanksgiving and dwell in His courts with praise.

Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give the desires of your heart.” I agree when Pastor Charles Stanley said that oftentimes we tend to pay more attention to the second part of this verse, missing out on delighting ourselves in the Lord.

A man may desire thrill, and he can get it by robbing a bank; however, there will be a distinct difference if he delights himself in the Lord. If he seeks to be in His presence by reading and dwelling on His Word, keeping it in His heart, eventually he will know that he shouldn't steal. When he keeps walking with the Lord in faith He will be faithful to provide thrill in not just the right – but also BETTER – ways: missionary work in war-torn countries, spreading the Word of God in jails, etc.

One thing I learned from my dad: Hindi po sa walang madaling paraan. Meron at merong paraan. At meron at merong TAMANG paraan…

…and the Word directs us to what path to take, what action to make. Praise God. The Word leads us and keeps us in His presence.

In the presence of the Lord we are free and full of joy. Delighting ourselves in the presence of the Lord should actually be the desire of our heart.

Spend some time with the Lord today. God bless you greatly.

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