True Blessing

So the person who won 740+ million pesos hasn't surfaced yet – I pray that this person is okay, and not incapacitated or hindered in any way from getting the cash he or she won. What most people I talk to think is this person is waiting for things to settle down before he or she decides to walk into the PCSO office.

It wouldn't hurt to imagine winning that much money – but have you ever imagined how to handle what you have if everyone knew it was you who won? Check out that guy who was Twitter-'framed' by Tim Yap – even if the news wasn't true, the guy feared for not just his life, but his family's. Think of how he would have been swarmed by media, instant relatives and 'friends' asking for a handout, businessmen with gifts and favors asking for an investment, death threats and kidnap attempts.

I guess one reason why we aren't blessed as soon as we ask for a blessing is because we need time to prepare ourselves for what may come when it comes. I probably mentioned that so many times before, but I figure I'm telling myself this message as much as I communicate it to you every time I blog it. I came upon this verse today:

Proverbs 10:22 The blessing from the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow to it.

We read so many times in the book of Proverbs that wisdom precedes blessings. This verse tells us that the blessings that come from the Lord truly make people better, and there are no strings attached, no hassle or hindrance too much to handle. That's one reason why I call my relationship with Paola a blessing.

This is another reason for us to seek wisdom and understanding – to position ourselves, as Pastor Danny Bayasen tells us, for the blessings to come.

I pray that we would obtain the desire to gain wisdom proportional to the blessings we ask the Lord for. Consequently, I pray that guy who won the lotto gets this wisdom.

God bless you.

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