Mind Filter

As believers, we are subject to so many threats and dangers to our lives, in all imaginable aspects. Recently, I have been led to believe that my own relationships have been compromised ever so subtly by situation after situation coming to rock my foundations. Much as I would like to elaborate on what this means, let’s just say that if the enemy has difficulties in taking God out of the center of our lives through temptation, he would make attempts to keep us busy.
I’ve recently seen that he can keep us busy mentally as well as with physical tasks. We should remember that ever since we have given our lives to Christ, we have been set free of our sinful nature. We are therefore, as the song implies, free to run, free to dance, and free to live for Him. Though this does not mean that we have been set free of the obligations imposed by this world, it does mean that we do not need to take heed or listen to what the world wants us to believe.
Some say that being a Christian is boring. I say it is actually pretty revolutionary in the sense that we are given another option besides the only choice we had before we had Christ living in our lives: to obey what our flesh demands, to bow down before our sinful nature.
This being said, as believers, we do not need to be bogged down by the negative thoughts that are being subtly slipped through our ears and into our minds by the enemy. During these times, we should definitely remember that we are not just set free, but also equipped against the enemy and his curses, these twisted and unGodly ideas. The Bible says the following:
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
– Revelation 12:11
Remember that Christ died for you and that His blood has set you free from evil. Remember the many things that He has done for you and the many things He has in store for you as promised in the Word of God.
Remember that your life is not your own, rather God’s, to work with, work through, and to work in.
May the Lord bless you as much as I feel blessed right now.

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