Favorited (Flickr) – (Untitled)

Originally uploaded by Alt_Gr

The first time I saw this picture was in thumbnail form, pretty much how you’re probably looking at it right now. It already seemed interesting to me, and I definitely appreciated it more when it was zoomed in.

It looked like something out of a fantasy flick where up goes down and down goes up. It’s like what you would get if you combine number 2 and the letters g, S and Z all mixed into one, and the sheer outrageous result was what really made me tag this as a favorite. I believe it gained the title of ‘Explored’ in Flickr, too.

I suppose this picture was achieved with a wide-angle lens brought really close to the bottom railings, tilting up enough to capture the rest of the stairs. I really couldn’t tell.

If you fall through the hole in the bottom, do you come out through the light from the top?

This shot was originally found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alt_gr/

God bless you!

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