In The Know

I used to balk at the phrase, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”; Unfortunately now I’m beginning to sell out to this phrase, because I know who gave me what I know; More importantly, I know that this same person knows everything about me, because He knows what’s been going on with me since the second I breathed my first breath. He knows because He has the power to give life, and He can easily take it away. He also knows that what I know isn’t enough to save myself, so He gave us all someone who knows more than what we know about what He knows to save us all. And it’s not enough that we know about Him, but we just have to get to know Him personally. I’m not talking about Manny Pacquiao; I’m talking about Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only Son of God who knew that we were doomed to an eternity in hell because of all of our sins big and small. He knew that only He could take on the burden of sin that we were all supposed to bear, and He willingly chose to suffer on our behalf… just because He loves us.

When I looked for love in the wrong places, He graciously led me back to the path, and when I surrendered everything that kept me from putting Him front and center, He blessed me with a beautiful relationship with an equally beautiful lady, inside and out. I thank the Lord for Paola every time I’m with her.

You can give up so many things you think are important, just to let in more of God… and trust me, the more you give to God, the more He gives you back in return.

May God bless you with wisdom and understanding.

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