Practice in Pain

There is absolutely nothing to gain when you give in to the hatred that pushes you to hurt someone. And when it does overwhelm us, may the regret, remorse, and repentance always be more overwhelming than the pride that seeks to be satisfied.

Pastor Oscar mentioned that relationships would be restored this 2010. I didn’t really think of any relationships in my life that needed healing… but I could be wrong. At any rate, I keep praying that the Word be made more apparent in my life, and if it takes me humbling myself to forgive and to ask for forgiveness (en route to a restored relationship), then I am more than willing to lay it down, that God be glorified.

It looks like I’ll be welcoming the New Year with a toothache. Something tells me I should have addressed this before everyone out there closed their clinics for the holidays. Far as I know, it’s the prescription painkiller drugs that make you see fairies, right?

God bless us all. Later.

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