On Seat 24

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog down. There was that one sheet of paper that I scanned and posted some close to 2 years ago, and that seemed to be it. Comparing myself when I used to write stuff down in my college notebooks to now that I type stuff down on my laptop (and thank God for this laptop… It took some time to get one, but as always, the wait is just as exciting as the actual item), I find that there was so much anger back then. One thing I saw as consistent was the fact that I tend to overreact over things that shouldn’t affect me as much as I tend to amplify.

Unfortunately, that seems to be one of the few things that is consistent. If there’s one thing I’m still struggling at, it’s being consistently under God’s will, staying away from sin, and really trusting that He can get us out of any temptation He allows us to go through.

It’s just so sad that I’m fully aware of all the blessings following obedience and the consequences of sin, but I still persist to make the wrong choice in the name of instant gratification. It’s a struggle I oftentimes find myself in the losing end on… Pao helps, but I still tend to be irresponsible. Selfish.

God help me… GOd help us both… I sincerely need to stay straight in the path. There’s just too much going on around me, and I’d be a fool to think that I can communicate that I do not need the perfect love, will, and guidance of the Lord God with every sin I do. I just thank the Lord that He is faithful to forgive me of my sins as long as I repent… I’ve been repenting countless times as a result of ‘returning to my own vomit’, but I’m just glad that the Lord never leaves nor forsakes us.

Going back up to Baguio again… God bless Pao. God bless us both… and God bless you.

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