It’s good to be home, especially after hearing how things have been up here. It looks like the bad weather just didn’t want to hit Manila with floods, but it also wanted to leave the Mountain Province with landslides. Quite frankly, I cringe at the thought of a mountain’s worth of mud covering my home in the middle of the night. It’s just as agonizing as imagining how it must feel to watch the flood level slowly inch higher and higher, until all that’s left of your house (or all that’s left to stand on for that matter) is roof. It can come suddenly or slowly, and it doesn’t spare anyone. Money and prestige couldn’t save a person from a sudden burial or a slow, rising flood.

The closer you are to danger, the more you learn of how human you are. It’s a shame that I still persist in thinking that I can rely on myself, that I can count on my own wisdom and strength to get by. See, even if I know I can do something, or even if I know that the odds are in my favor, I also know for a fact that without putting God first in whatever I do, I run the risk of failure. The only problem is that I seem to have a pride that leads me to thinking that I frankly do not need God. This is the same pride that gave us a heaven and hell in the first place, and I am ashamed to admit that I submit to it quite easily.

I need help. I need the Lord.

May this time I spend in Baguio be good time. Blessed be His name forever and ever. I mean that with all sincerity within me.

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