Hardcore Mode (Backlog: 9/28/09)

…So I see Pao again after what felt like, well, a pretty long time. It was pretty awkward to hold off on really showing how much I missed her when I saw her at the workplace. I tell you one thing, holding off really amplified how beautiful things just fell into place when we finally, FINALLY hugged. There’s so much that a single hug can do to anyone. That hug, in particular, has to have made it to one of the top 5 hugs I was glad to participate in… Another hug being that one with Pao along Julia Vargas, right after a taxi driver was cursing at me for hailing him and not riding. It’s funny that he was shouting all sorts of profanities, but I couldn’t hear him because he didn’t put his window down. It was funny because there was so much hate on that face, but there was no sound to back it up. She offered the hug after that. Reach out and hug someone. And mean it. Hug life! (pounds on chest)

Putting the hugs aside, I guess that’s one thing I have trouble with – holding off on pleasure. I know the consequences of not holding off, and I know to what lengths happiness can be amplified if we do hold off, but I still have issues in holding off – or, not doing when I want to do. Wait.

…You know what I mean.

Wait. That failed too.

I still have issues of not being able to hold off on instant gratification. Consequently, the saving habits I have when playing a game reflect on handling changes in my life. If I don’t have a chance to load I don’t think I would go through with the change. That’s pretty sad. I’m gonna try playing Stronghold: Crusader scenarios without saving. Let’s see how far that gets me.

I may not always have an option to load when I can, but I know for a fact that I can make use of any situation, rather, God can make use of any situation for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

To God be the Glory!

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