The Calm After The Storm

The deafening sound of silence feels so familiar, and once again I am challenged to go beyond my own anxiety and worry, to go beyond all assumptions I can make out of the silence and the people I expect to break it… I go beyond the silence – no, I use the silence. In the stillness, He is there.

I refuse to be crushed by the fear of man, nor do I allow myself to be deceived by hubris. Faith is what stand on. Faith is what I must rely on. Faith without works is dead – hence this article. I proclaim that throughout my trials, that He is still and will always be the center of my life, protecting me, prospering me, putting me at peace, for I have lifted it all up in prayer and thanksgiving.

I hate this sinful nature that still tries to take over me and bring me back to the filth that I used to wallow in. I simply cannot allow any form of it to take control over my life – I guess that’s what they mean by dying to self. This body is not big enough for both me and God, and I would rather let God take over, seeing how He has control over everything concerning me.

Pao may be incommunicado, but I still bless the name of the Lord. I thank Him for being such a great and wonderful God who is in contol all the time.
My plans for this weekend may not have been what I have planned, what with this disastrous typhoon and its ensuing floods, but I still bless the name of the Lord. I praise Him for the might He shows in the storm, and for what He is capable of doing in the hearts of man through catastrophe.

There are always reasons to be worried, and the uncertainty behind what we have in mind has the capability of pushing us over the edge. But what do we try to do if we know we’re slipping over a ledge? We try to hang on to something solid, something steady, something true, something absolute – The Word of God.

Psa 94:18 When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.
Psa 94:19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.

God bless you this week.

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