A Female Deer

Looks like we’re all watching The Simpsons tomorrow. It’s been a while since I watched a movie with a whole group of friends. Mona Lisa Smile comes into mind. But anyway, I’m thinking tomorrow will be a good day. Every day dubbed as a rest day is a good day. I just used the word ‘day’ three times in that sentence. Apparently there aren’t any synonyms for that word. Webster said so.

And speaking of Webster and The Simpsons, I tried going to Webster’s website to search for “d’oh”. Here’s what I got.

Main Entry:
or doh \ˈdō\
—used to express sudden recognition of a foolish blunder or an ironic turn of events

Homer, you influential bastard.

“D’oh! A deer!”

You all have a good one. God Bless.

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