Full Circle (Jesus Is The Life)

For many weeks now I've been going straight home during Wednesdays, to avoid participating in our prayer meeting, and recently to dodge joining the youth fellowship as well. But, well, God is just so good. He makes all things work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.┬áHere's... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is The Truth.

It's easy to face a trial that comes our way if we have some sort of hint of how things will eventually turn out. Personally, if I have just the slightest chance of being able to figure out a problem, it would be easy for me to call it a trial, a trial that I... Continue Reading →

Jesus Is The Way.

It's easy for me to be sidetracked, distracted, and/or shaken in the face of task after task piling up, responsibility after responsibility clamoring for attention. I understand that in Christ, I have the power to perform in excellence and the love the endure...I am now learning that in Christ, I also have sound judgment, discernment... Continue Reading →

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